ILL NOIZ A.D.P was founded on the simple premise of guiding Aspiring Artists who are serious about music and developing a path for success. Artist Development Platform is here to help develop the careers of Aspiring Artists in an industry where Artists are misinformed, A&R reps numbers are low and development has been removed from label structure and budgets. All of this at a time when Artists need help comprehending the music business more than ever!

Our team is comprised of a increasing number of music industry professionals. These key players are dedicated to implementing competent coursework, as well as advising Aspiring Artists. We connect Artists with vast opportunities and information giving them the education and mentorship they need to make the most of their careers in the music business.

When an Artist signs up for ILL NOIZ A.D.P, they are provided with a personal Coach. This mentor helps the Artists expand their knowledgebase of the music industry and grow their career. Each Artist works exclusively with their personal Coach who acts not only as a mentor, but a partner and friend throughout their A.D.P experience!

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